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This thread is for our general rules, regarding raids, codes of conduct, etc.
It will be updated as we go, but I don't see a need to articulate our general standards into a complete compendium of legislated rules with consequences, unless it is to deal with a certain issue or situation that is relevant to attend.


We have a zero tolerance for ninjas in the guild. There may be certain times where it may seem tempting and even fitting to ninja, but be aware that we share a brand when being a part of Idiocracy and that brand which affect all of us.

- The official time of this guild is GMT+1 real time.

Discrimination & Harassment
We are committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities. Every player (Member or not) has the right to be free from harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated, condoned or ignored. If a claim of harassment or discrimination is proven, disciplinary measures will be applied, up to and including removal from the guild.


Raid Times
- Thursday and Sunday are our main raid days.
- We raid from 19:00-23:00.
- Attendance will be taken.
- Members intending to raid must be online by 19:00. If you do not show up before 19:15 your spot may forfeit to an online player.
- If you know you will be delayed - that means everything after 19:10 - please let us know in the comment field or by contacting an officer; this way you will not get noted for being late.

Raid Calendar

- We will seek to make all raids a week in advance on the calendar, but be aware that the raid location or information may change, in relation to our progress in a certain instance or other needs that may arise.
- Raiders have to sign-up at least 1 day in advance to have priority on a raid spot. But the sooner, the better. It makes life much easier for raid leaders to plan and make groups (for Razorgore this is critical), which will speed up the raid and make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone. So please sign up, even if it to let us know that you can not come!
- The sign-up number is not important, but signing-up before deadline is.
- Signing up as "attending" gives you priority on a raid spot above "maybe".
- The groups will be made 1 day ahead of raid. All of those in group 1-8 are the ones who have been approved for the raid, those in group 9/10 are the Raiders or Socials who signed-up on time, but have to sit out. Members in group 9/10 have priority for a spot, in the event that someone does not show up.
In short: Sign up on time > Attending > Maybe > Signing too late > Not signing at all. Raiders do always have priority over Socials for raid spots. The only time in which this rule might be overlooked is if we had to invite a Social for raid and a raider is able to attend last-minute.

Additional notes
We rotate raid members on a weekly basis.
In the event of a partial clear of a raid, returning members will have priority on spots.

We require a minimum of ‘Need to Have’ consumables in all raids. Some classes may be required to use additional consumables. For more information, see the Required Consumables List or speak with your Class Leader. If you do not use consumables in encounters in these raids, you will not get any loot. This is a team-effort and all of us are contributing, so it is not fair to all the people who farm and get consumables just to skip it and hope for the best.

Required Addons
All Members
- Bigwigs
- KTM Threat Meter

All Healers
- Luna - More Information:

- Pally Power.

Alternative Characters in Raid
Alts will not be permitted in Blackwing Lair, except under extenuating circumstances. Alts may be permitted in Molten Core under the following conditions:

1. The character switch does not cause class requirements to drop below minimum. Four tanks and ten healers will be required for each raid.

2. The Class Leaders of the member's main character and alternative character must agree to the switch.

3. The alternative character must be level 60.

4. The alternative character must have pre-bis or be close to pre-bis. The character is not to be "carried" through the raid.

5. Members will not be asked to switch between their main character and alternative character; however, they may propose it to the Class Leaders, if they only require a specific item. This switch must comply with rule 1 and not impact the raid's momentum. The character entering must be waiting outside Molten Core, ready to enter immediately.

PUGing is generally not acceptable without speaking with an officer first. Zul'Gurub may be PUGed on resets that do not interfere with the Idiocracy Zul’Gurub raid, currently held on Thursdays.

Alt PUGs
Many members have 60 alts and if you wish to attend/host a PUG with them, you may, provided it does not interfere with our regular raiding members and schedule.
Wait! I still need mana.
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