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This is our current loot system. Feel free to comment and add your thoughts and we will evaluate and discuss it together.

Loot distribution

We will be using a council for loot distribution, we believe this to be the best system to strengthen our efforts in a fair and even way.

Above all, we appreciate a sound and sober reasoning when it comes to items.
Let’s face it, we all want lootz at the end of the day, but we have to recognise that we can not get it all right away. So we encourage everyone in the guild and especially the diverse classes among themselves to take a look at not only yourself, but also at the guildie who is right there next to you almost every single raid. The only way to progress as a group is to take each other along and spread that growth equally. We’ll need the value of every member in encounters we haven’t tackled yet in order to be succesful at beating those, which is exactly where the challenge of this game lies: it’s how you deal with the most challenging content as a group. For that, you’ll simply need everyone to contribute and we, as a group, are responsible for providing the means in order for everyone to do so.

Though classleaders will get the final say on who an item goes to, we strongly implore you to discuss among each other as well where your gearbased priorities lie and question wether it is possible that someone other than yourself might benefit more from an upgrade than you would.

Most of us will agree that the most fun in this game comes from being able to do the content that is limited to some players because of the effort and investment it takes. But is only really achievable and enjoyable if we are able to do do so in an environment that is liberated from constant tension and competition. We all share a responsibility to keep the focus on having fun with the amazing group of people we already have. That’s just simply worth more than looking shiny in front of the Ironforge bank.

First of, for each item the classleaders will decide which of the members in the raid the loot is most valuable for.

For this decisionprocess, they will take into account the following criteria:
- Attendance
- Attitude
- Scale of upgrade
- Effort put into pre-raid BiS-gear
- Enchants (especially on current raidcontent BiS-gear)
- Items looted in previous raids

For tier-items, this is fairly straightforward: the classleader has the one and only call.

Ofcourse, it is a different matter for shared items (non-set items, necklaces, rings, trinkets, etc..). It is usually easy to determine which classes can be taken into account for the item, for which we will rely on the classleaders to speak up how valuable the item exactly is to their class and specialisation.
The classleaders involved with the decision will try to reach a concensus on whom to give the item to, considering the same criteria as always.

If no decision can be reached after the steps above, the members eligible for the item will be put to a roll.

Some important things to know:
- Classleaders do not get a priority on items - more than often they get the least amount of loot.
- Guidelines on loot distribution: Raider > trial ~ social ~ alt > os
- It will never be accepted from a classleader to be biased and corrupt the system. Officers will exert a social control among themselves to make sure this doesn’t happen.
- Fairness is always in the eyes of the beholder. If you have questions concerning the allocation of an item, it’s encouraged to get information from your classleader and hear the reasoning behind the decision.


Specific Loot Rules:

Loot Distribution in Zul’Gurub

These rules apply to a fully grouped Guild-Run.*
A link must be provided to the Raid Group.

For the progression of the guild and its ventures into BWL, and soon AQ40, following rules have been applied to all ZG Guild Runs:

Since there are some major items inside ZG for all classes, these items will be distributed via General Loot Council if they drop.
The Class Leader for those specific items, does not need to be within the raid, but MUST be consulted if they happen to be online.

In the event that the item-specific-CL is not online, the items will still be on Loot-Council, but the Raid Leader, Officer, and or other CL’s will hereby distribute (within their best knowledge) the item for that specific class.

* If there is just one PUG within the group, normal ZG /roll +1 rules apply. Ench Prio.
In extreme and clear-cut cases where people are holding back on their +1, and they obviously need a item, either proven by comments from CL and or Raid Leader, the above stated Loot-Council will go into effect, and the raid-members +1 will be withdrawn.

Loot Council specific items are as following:

Jin’do’s Hexxer
Jin’do’s Evil Eye

The Hexxer’s Cover
Cloak of Consumption

Following items have Class Prio’s:
Fang of the Facelesss
Warblade of Hakkari MH**

Warblade of the Hakkari OH - Extra Prio for Human Rogues.

** In the case no Hunters are in need of the Warblade of Hakkari MH, a RP-Roll-State will go into effect. These rolls must follow Set-Rules below.


These will be given to a wielder of the other counterpart, in an effort to complete as many sets as possible.
In the event of two counterpart holders, both parties will /roll.
The counterpart MUST be brought with within ZG, and must be shown to the MasterLooter.
If there are no counterpart holder, the normal /roll rules apply.

Primalist’s - Healing

Zanzil’s - Caster DPS

Band/Seal of Jin - Melee/Ranged Physical DPS

Overload’s - Tanking

Edge of Madness:
Trinkets are prio for Priests & Hunters.


Other / Fun items:
Heart of Hakkar - Prio for Casters / Healers - Must NOT be turned in for Quest reward until a Officer has given approval. These hearts will almost always be popped on Mondays/Thursdays for raid buffs.

Panther Hide Sack - Will be Raid-Rolled and given to winner.

Tome of Polymorph: Turtle - Must be learned on the spot, and a mob must be polymorphed in front of the raid.

Fist Weapons - Set-Rules apply, but isn't restricted to a specific class and or specc.
Thekal’s Grasp
Arlokk’s Grasp

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