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Jaxors / Mar 24, 2017

Hey Raiders!We are currently in the process of reviewing and revamping our Guild Rules. After our meeting today we have decided to update one rule immediately, update the Guild Structure and Roles of Class Leaders, and have a full revamp of the ru...

Jaxors / Feb 17, 2017

Hey Raiders!With 1.9 just around the corner, (Unofficially the 26th of February) I thought a brief guide on the patch could be useful to those who weren't around in Vanilla. Thank you to everyone that contributed. I’ve listed the items in general ...

Jaxors / Jan 22, 2017

Patch 1.8 has been released!What does this mean? Three major things: The Dragons of Nightmare are now spawning at the portals to The Emerald Dream, Cenarion Circle reputation gains (and rewards) are now in-game, AND summonable bosses are available...

  Maint: Patience is a virtue ?
  Veslla: someone reply to my comment in my social application!!!!
  Skutten: "he better give us some good loot"
  Simonize: maint that video taught me that Denmark is the land of piss covered streets and AIDS. not exactly good PR.
  Roqumechdeck: Here is a post on why yamiles TF will be reverted:
  Skutten: Yamille was probably lying, rumors are he didn't even get Thunderfury! :<
  Maint: Where is our Thunderfury DickPics? :O
  Nuardor: Nice :D
  Roqumechdeck: wtf lol
  Aragot: Anathema down again ?
  Skutten: Same here, still getting instant dc
  Roqumechdeck: server rip again? i log in and get insta DCd, or i log in and get DC'd after a while in an empty IF
  Dhomden: Or well, SUPER laggy at times atleast! :/
  Dhomden: It was, then got back up 10 mins, now down again :P
  Caimie: server down? get instant dc
  Dhomden: Sign up for sunday guys! :)
  Nuardor: Maint time is special time, though everyone gets to delve into your database nowadays
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